📄 How should I encourage people to buy?

SalesFlowCoach app Never convince never persuade MartinStellar A while ago, someone asked:

“What should I do to encourage people to buy from me?”

The good news is:

You don’t need to do any encouraging, or convincing, or persuading.

The bad news:

If you feel that you need to convince or encourage a buyer, you’ve not done your homework yet.

With ‘homework’ being:

Finding out exactly who is the kind of buyer who is ready, right now, and has the budget to get your coaching or consulting solution - so that you can ignore everyone else.

Sure, you can try and engage with people who need education on why buying is a good idea, and you can make compelling arguments, or layer on bonuses, or give discounts.

But why would you?

Doesn’t it make far more sense to figure out the perfect, ready-right-now buyer, and only talk to those people?

Because those people exist.

There are companies and individuals who are waiting for someone exactly like you to show up, who will enroll themselves, and who’ll volunteer the sale.

“Take my money” is a thing people actually say.

But, not everyone: only those who are the right match, who have the budget and who have the urgency - only those are the ones who enroll themselves, voluntarily. 

So instead of trying to convince or encourage people who aren't ideal, focus on the highly qualified buyers who just need the clarity required to make a decision, and help them make that decision.

Everyone else is either a bad fit (ignore those candidates) or they are a not-now prospect, in which case you stay in touch until the time is right for them.

Time is precious, so figure out who is the right prospect, and spend your time on them.

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