📄 How do I stop being ghosted?

It's one of the most frequent questions I get: "How do I get my buyer to stop ghosting me, and reply to my messages? How do I get them to answer the phone?"

Unfortunately, that's the wrong question to ask.

It's like asking "How do I get the eggshells out of my omelette?"

How to get them out isn't nearly as useful, as breaking the eggs in such a way that you don't get eggshells in your omelette to begin with. (Hint: tap the eggs on the countertop, not on the edge of the pan. But I digress)

If you don't want people to ghost you, the question isn't "How do I get them to stop ghosting me, and reply?"

It's: "How do I engage with future buyers in such a way that it makes them keen and eager to keep communicating with me?"

And the answer to that is simple:

Don't "look like a salesperson". Because what's the default reaction to salespeople?

They get ignored.

So, don't pitch. Don't convince, don't persuade, don't try and reason with your buyer, because that's what (ineffective) salespeople do.

Instead, be helpful. Make your selling an act of service.

Show interest (in them, not in the deal), listen to your buyer, and ensure that each interaction is useful and helpful.

And no, that does not mean "Give free consulting until they buy".

All it means is "Help them get to a decision, either yes or no".

Start with that attitude and that message, and you'll find you get ghosted far less.

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