❓ How big could this opportunity be?

🔁 Workflows >> Mine Your Network for Opportunities >> What size opportunity might this be?

Remember, we're not just looking for clients here:

We're looking for opportunities, and those exist in all kinds of forms.

And, they exist in all kinds of size.

So whatever the type of opportunity, ask yourself what size it might be.

  • For buyers: what dollar amount?

  • For referrers: how high is the quality of their network?

  • For allies: how active would they be in collaborating with you?

  • For partners: how much business, or finder's fees, could they bring you?

  • For podcasters: what size is their audience?

  • For professional associations: How advanced are their members? How pro-active is the organisation in promoting people such as yourself?

One by one, rank each name in Column B, where 1 is a large opportunity, and 5 is a small one.

Next up, we need to ask ourselves:

🔌 How much of a connector is this person?

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