📄 Growing your business - the case for not fixing things

There’s three kinds of value a business can deliver:

You either Fix, Prevent, or Improve things for a client.

And, you can use this FPI framework to help you decide what to work on in your own business, as well.

Because often, we double down on trying to fix something that’s failing or broken, hoping that once we’re done, life will be good.

Which may be the right choice... but what if you’d ignore the failing part for the moment, and instead you first improve something that's already working?

There’s things in your business that are working well, that if you were to push forward on them, might end up working awesomely and terrifically well.

And sometimes, it just make more sense to let something that’s broken be broken, and maximise on something that’s already pretty good.

(Especially if you know, in your heart of hearts, that you’re going to procrastinate the hell out of the fixing you say you need to do, anyway).

And there's a big potential upshot to this as well:

In many cases, improving something that's working, will enable you to earn more, and purchase a solution to the thing that's broken - rather than having to fix it yourself.

Think strategically:

Sometimes, it’s better to ignore what's broken, and not waste time trying to fix something.

The trick is to weigh the cost of fixing, and the potential gains, against what you could gain, if you'd improve something that's already half-good instead.

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