📄 Good News: You Can Stop Chasing People!

It’s an easy mistake to make:

Chasing after buyers who aren’t the right fit, or who aren’t ready.

“But they have the problem I solve! They like my work! They even said yes!”


But it’s never a yes until the contract has been signed, or the money has been transferred.

Up until that point, you’re still in the negotiation stage.

And unless a buyer pays or signs, you might well be qualified to solve their problem, but that does not necessarily mean that they are qualified, or ready, to work with you.

Who knows - could be they need to solve other problems first, could be there’s internal deliberation in the company, could be there’s some other buy-blocker that you’re not aware of.

Very often, we tell ourselves that this or that prospect will surely sign, if we follow up enough, if we’re just patient enough.

But when you pursue the wrong opportunity, you annoy your buyer and you wear yourself out.

See, there’s a difference between following up with people, and chasing after them.

Follow-up is essential, but chasing is a fool’s errand.

It’s the difference between “Let me know when you’re ready”, and:

“Are you ready yet? Shall we do this? Why aren’t you ready?”

When you find yourself chasing after someone, you need to ask yourself:

“Is this person actually qualified, right now - or is that a story I’m telling myself?”

Fact is: the majority of opportunities never materialise - and the majority of sales conversations we have shouldn’t happen to begin with.

Pick your battles with care, and learn how to recognise the ones that you’re not going to win.

That way you get to nurture the relationship for future opportunities, and focus your attention on the ones that actually do stand a chance of closing in the near future.

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