📄 Generosity, not Charity

There’s a trend where coaches and consultants are being told to give first, to lead with generosity.

In itself that’s not a bad idea, especially when that generosity is meant to deliver value to a potential buyer.

But what’s not always explained, is the difference between generosity and charity.

Which is how quite a few people keep giving away free sessions, and never actually land the clients they give to. Endless coffee meetings that never go anywhere.

Point is, if you run a business, you’re not a charity. Dollars matter, and if you don’t distinguish between generosity and charity, you’ll end up in trouble.

So if your lead generation is based on generosity, and if you tend to give people strategy sessions as part of your sales process, there’s two important things to remember:

1: Never give to takers, but only to matchers or givers (see: Adam Grant’s Give and Take for an explanation on the difference between the three).

2: Get a picture of who you’ll be giving to, where they're at, and determine whether this is the best time for them to benefit from your generosity. Qualify your prospects first, because the worst thing you can do for your business is giving your scarcest resource (your time) to people who aren’t ready, or able, to hire you.

There's many situations where you're talking to the right people, but you'd be smarter to point them at a book or other resource first, and re-engage and give to them later down the line.

That's how you run your business and sales process with strategic generosity, while avoiding the deadly charity trap.

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