ℹ️ Frequently Asked Questions

What is SalesFlow Coach?

In a nutshell, I am the methodology and knowledge of Martin Stellar, wrapped in a minimal trial version of an app.

Here, you'll find articles, mini-trainings, and, very importantly:

Workflows based on questions, designed to help you move your deals forward, such as the 🔎 Pipeline review workflow.

What's the purpose of the app?

To help you stay active every day on moving your deals forward, by providing you with articles, workflows, and trainings every week.

Is this free?

Yep, the entire Vault of content is 100% free, and that's how it's going to stay.

So what's the catch?

No catch: The SFC app is free because it's a public service.

And no, that doesn't make you "the product" - your data isn't sold and there's no advertising.

Instead, those who want not just the app, but personal help from Martin, can apply for paid membership to SalesFlow Coach Personal.

At a later stage, there will also be an optional paid membership tier that enables access to an academy, but the app itself is, and will remain, free.

How does it work?

SalesFlow Coach asks you questions about your pipeline and your deals, to help you stay focused on moving your deals forward, and closing more sales.

For that, it uses three types of content:

  • Learning and instructions
  • Workflows, SOPs, and checklists
  • Specific, strategic sets of questions, that help you identify opportunities, set next actions - and that help you execute on those actions! :)

Everything is cross-linked, and there are logical sequences built in, to navigate you smoothly between learning and executing.

Is this all there is... a couple of workflows, a mini-training, and a handful of articles?

Haha, no 😄

Martin publishes articles every day, and he's always creating new systems, workflows, question-sets, cheat sheets, models, check lists... it never stops 🤷

Over time, several times a week, SFC will grow with new content additions.

Once a week, Martin publishes a newsletter - the SFC DevLog - which contains:

  • This week at SalesFlow Coach HQ / BIP updates
  • Cool finds
  • Developer talk (not that Martin is a developer, but he is developing this thing, and he's a nerd and not ashamed of it)
  • And of course: new articles and workflows etc, added to the app in the past week.

Join us - we'd love to share how things are unfolding...!

Who is this Martin guy?

He's a coach and consultant and he helps people with ethical business growth.

Read up on him here, or say hi on Twitter

How do I start using the app?

Start here and let me guide you...

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