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So you want to generate leads and opportunities, grow and scale, but you're not under pressure?

Then you get to play the long game.

It's a good position to be in, because you can operate in a precise, thoughtful, methodical way.

Meaning, you can work on opportunities that require more time to evolve, and probably more interactions with your buyer...

When such a deal closes, you're likely looking at a much higher payday than if you were in a rush, looking to close deals fast.

There are many different ways to develop big-ticket sales and much depends on your industry and your market.

As a simple and humble web app, I can't tell you all the ins, outs, the pros & cons...

But, I've been designed to ask strategic questions, and one of the best questions to ask when you're playing the long game, is:

Should I focus on the "Grow Up" ingredients of my business, or instead on the "Scale Up" ingredients?


At this stage, is your business best-served by consolidating what's working? (Grow Up)?

Or, are there systems and procedures in place, and we can handle increased sales and workload - are we ready to Scale Up?

These two stages are very distinct from each other, they both have their own ingredients - and it's important to make sure you use the right ingredients, in the right way.

For that, here is the mini-training Stages and Ingredients of Business Growth.

No training needed, but you've got deals and you want to move them forward...?

Then Let's pick a lead, and review what needs to happen...

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