📄 Every business is a publishing business

It’s said that every business is a publishing business, but that's only half the story - it goes much further than that:

Every individual is an independent publisher.

We publish all the time, it never stops.

We publish our thoughts, the food we make and share, we publish our helpfulness and our embrace...

We publish our values and our goals and our tweets and our care and concern and strategies and solutions and recommendations...

We're always publishing something, and it’s all there, for everyone to see, so long as they pay attention.

Now why is it that so many businesses don’t get the attention they deserve - people just don’t seem to pay attention?

Because those businesses don’t make publishing a focal point in their marketing.

Instead, they just do it willy-nilly, or as an afterthought, or as "Content strategy, guys - we need a content strategy!"

But if you look at someone like Seth Godin, you see a publishing strategy that's been running for years, where he shares a useful idea with his subscribers 7 times a week.

And while your humble narrator isn’t quite as steadfast as Seth, I can tell you that sending daily emails is magnificently powerful.

It takes 20 to 30 minutes a day, and clients show up to work with me, when they’re ready, and all I need to do is share something that I hope is useful, daily, and publish it.

What could be easier?

Meanwhile, the process automatically creates a library of articles - actual assets - that I can repurpose and turn into books, trainings, slideshows and so on, creating more assets that I can then publish.

So: Whatever it is you do for a living: you’re a publisher.

And whether you write daily, or publish Reels on Instagram, or videos on Youtube or articles for an industry publication:

It pays dividends to take your publishing seriously.

Further reading: if you do it right, it won't have to take you more than 30 minutes per day.

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