๐Ÿ“„ Don't 'close the sale' - do this instead

Iโ€™ve never liked the idea of โ€˜closing a sale'.

To me, that phrasing is the complete opposite of what actually happens when somebody buys.

Sure: At that moment, at the point of purchase, you might technically 'close the sale', but the buyer opens up something new.


You buy new shoes, and within days your knees or your back stop hurting.

You buy a new mattress, and wake up more rested than you have in years.

You hire a professional to do a specialised job for you, and suddenly youโ€™re in the safety and comfort of knowing that the hairy and tricky problem that was blocking your business, is now being taken care of by an expert.

A new car, computer, or phone: what a joy to use a brand new piece of kit!

All these, and all other purchases, have one thing in common:

They open up a new phase in the life of the buyer.

Not only that: when people buy, they open up a new version of the relationship they have with you or your brand.

A purchase means the buyer opens up a phase of change.

So if you don't know how to get a buyer over the line, or you're conflicted about selling, or you don't know how to ask for the sale, remember this:

Trying to 'close a sale' is far less effective - and much less fun - than inviting your buyer to step into change.

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