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Going into the new year, there's a single fundamental premise I'd like to equip you with, for all your interactions with people, be it buyers or team members or personal relationships:

Enroll, don't sell.

Which means: instead of trying to make people do what you want them to do, seek instead to enable their decision-making.

In other words, treat selling as nothing more or less than choice-enablement. Buy/don't buy, how can I help. That's all.

Because that simple attitude prevents you from falling into the persuasion-trap, where you're trying to convince the other person of the use or the validity of our point of view, or indeed, when we’re trying to goad or coerce someone else into some sort of action or decision.

And whenever we fall into that attitude, the results vary from ‘tiring and pointless’ to ‘outright disastrous’. (Also see: 📄 What to do when "the face ain't listening")

Force and persuasion may work in certain situations, but always at a high cost.

You’ll find it far easier, more productive, and a lot more fun, to simply enroll people.

And you do that by stepping into the other person’s world, also known as 'perspective-taking'.

Do that, and they’ll feel safe.

In the other person’s world, you don’t have to state your case, or present a compelling argument or reason against their objections.

All you need to do is figure out what’s happening there, in that world, and identify which changes you can make about yourself and your narrative, so as to facilitate some process, or decision-making, or buy-in from the other person.

It’s said that ‘nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care’, and it’s true.

This is why taking the attitude of enrolling people is so effective.

They feel safe, they can tell that you care about them, and so they’ll be more willing to enroll in whatever solution you present.

Where it comes to relationships and communication, the solution when you meet resistance is rarely ‘more force’.

But that's exactly the trap we tend to fall into: we use 'force' in terms of explaining harder, making a better case, appealing to their reason and common sense.

But using force means you’re making it about yourself, and about how right you know you are. Which you may or may not be, but whether you are or not doesn’t matter.

What matters is: asserting that you’re right makes the issue about you.

But if you want people to buy, your best bet is to enroll them, and you do that [[📄 Never convince, never persuade|by making it about them], and that causes them to enroll themselves.

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