๐Ÿ“„ "But if I charge what I'm worth, people won't buy!"

It's a common error, and I see it all the time:

The idea that in order to land clients, you need to discount your work and have 'competitive pricing'.

"Otherwise I'll price myself out of the market!"

Most of the time though, the problem of not landing a sale is not because your prices are too high.

Instead, the problem - and the solution - are to do with positioning.


Far too many people, including those with extremely superior skills, take the small, subservient role - they position themselves with the attitude of a supplicant, begging for the sale:

โ€œPlease mrs. Buyer, would you please buy this thing from me? If you don't mind me asking?

"Oh, and wait: I'll give you a discount!

"And I'll throw in a bonus, as well!

"Now will you buy, pretty please...?"

Sounds weird, but in some format or other, that's how many providers communicate to their buyers.

And it's a perfect way to talk a buyer out of the purchase.

Because when you sell, you're the prize.


For the work that you do, how many potential clients are out there in the world?

Dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands.

And how many of you are there?


That means that you are a super-scarce resource, with only 24 hours in your day and a method and Intellectual Capital that are superbly unique to you.

Scarce resource, you?

I'll say.

And yes, of course you need to win the buyer over.

But that's only half the story, and you just don't win over clients by positioning yourself as someone who needs a favour and a blessing.

The other half of the story, thatโ€™s the client winning you over.

Getting your ok on working with them.

And that is why you can't afford to set yourself up as if you were a commodity, and get all beg-y on the situation.

You're unique and scarce.

You might well be in a saturated market, but you're still a rare breed.

So whenever it comes to asking for the sale and enrolling your buyer:

Remember that you're the prize.

How to have a conversation with buyers that positions you as an authority and a coveted resource, without manipulation or faking it, that's what you learn in 1 on 1 sales coaching - so, do let me know if that kind of positioning is what you want for yourself.

Oh, and incidentally:

Right now, after many months of working behind the scenes, we're almost ready to launch a new feature in the SFC app: a text-based coaching thread, where you can get daily support on your deals from me, at - ironically - a very reasonable price. I'll explain the why of that price tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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