📄 "But... Don't They See What I'm Trying to Tell Them...?"

Isn’t it frustrating, when you see a solution for someone, and they just will not buy into it?

But it’s so clear to you! You KNOW that things will change for them, and for the better!

Then how come they don’t enroll?

Don’t they SEE? It’s so clear!

Yep, it’s clear: to you.

And nope, they don’t see it.


This might sound harsh or unjust, but in the end, it comes down to the cold reality called 'self-importance.'

When you find yourself failing to create a client, or someone refuses to help or collaborate, or rejects your sound reasoning and good ideas, it’s because you’re approaching the situation from a self-oriented point of view.

The POV is your POV.

And while you might have the vision, they will only see that vision, and buy into it, when they decide to explore that vision of yours.

And as long as your point of origin is your conviction that you’ve got it right and they need to change or adjust their POV, you won’t enroll them - not as a buyer nor a collaborator.

Instead, put yourself in their shoes.

Apply empathy.

Be a researcher, an anthropologist, asking yourself incessantly "What’s going on in that mind, in their world?"

What fears, aspirations, desires are present for them?

What is it like to be them?

Do that, and you make the enrollment process about them and their vision, instead of about your vision.

That way, people will be far more open to trying out your point of view, and you’ll find yourself enrolling people with much more ease.

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