🟠 Business is OK, but not great

It's time to get analytical and efficient

Across all your operations and efforts, how well are things working?

You want to ascertain two things:

1: What is working, and how can I improve, optimise or leverage it for maximum result?

This is generally a fairly easy exercise, and acting on it should usually start with saying no to things.

Fact is, we all have too many things going on, too many irons in the fire, too many plates to keep spinning.

Your easiest win in terms of improving things, is reducing the number of things that either take up your time, or that occupy your mind.

Once you're removed a number of items and you look at the remainder, you'll very likely see a project, or process, or strategy that's working and bringing your results, which you can then double down on.

And because you've eliminated a number of projects and ideas, you have more energy and mental bandwidth available to invest.

2: What is broken, and very importantly: should I fix it or not?

Because if something is broken, that doesn't necessarily mean it should be fixed.

In fact in some cases, when you've identified things you can improve, you might not even want to spend any time on fixing anything.

Maybe your SEO sucks, or your conversion rates are low - and yes, you could go fix that.

But if your social media actually works pretty well and you want to get more out of it, then maybe SEO and conversion should be on the backburner, while you go and improve your conversions from social media even more.

In the same vein, you want to be selective on what you do choose to fix, should their be something that you do need to fix.

After all, you only have so much time and resources, so while you're not yet able to play the long game, you do need to be strategic with what you choose to fix.

It makes no sense to first fix your conversion rates, if your site isn't getting any traffic - you want to fix the traffic problem first.

And maybe you shouldn't even fix traffic - could well be that it makes more sense to fix visibility, by going on a podcasting tour or by creating a deal with someone who has the right audience for your offer.


Whatever you choose to do when things are ok but shaky, make sure you don't jump to conclusions, and choose your actions with care.

Hey, and one thing that's always good to fix?

Your intentionality and dedication when it comes to working your pipeline.

Shall we do some of that? Let's review a lead, and see how we can move the deal forward.

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