📄 Beware the hidden killer of business success (!)

It's quite possible that you've never noticed the problem, but I know for a fact that the number of my readers - ambitious entrepreneurs - suffer from one of the most insidious and damaging problems of being a business owner:

Entrepreneurial loneliness.

Maybe you don't exactly feel lonely, but:

Where do you turn when you run into an unexpected, intractable problem?

If you're a people-person, and suddenly your business grows a lot and you need to buy hardware and infrastructure... where do you start - on Amazon?

If you generate your buyers with content marketing and suddenly an algorithm change makes you mostly invisible and you want to invest in ads... who do you turn to?

If you run a small business and you want to DIY some SEO on your site, what's the best, most efficient approach?

Or consider the less technical problems:

Maybe you come home from a long day of slogging through problems...

Do you really want to talk to your partner, only to have them - again! - gently suggest that... maybe, a job...?

Or what about the ongoing, multi-year agony of just not quite getting it right... yet?

The sleepless nights and the persistent low-level anxiety that many business owners deal with for years on end - do your buddies at the gym understand what that's like, when they just drove in from their dayjob?

"How's work, son?", asks your father. Oh dear, here we go again.

No matter how much fun it can be to run your own venture, it's hard, unpredictable, and it's something that civilians don't understand.

And the majority of entrepreneurs have too high a percentage of civilians in their world.

And that can be devastating to your business results and stability. Without a social context in which you and what you do make sense, it's going to be hard to make the right decisions, and you're less likely to have access to the right resources.

That's why isolation and loneliness drastically reduce your chances of getting things right and can easily become the silent killer of your success.

And that is why, if you have even the remotest need for spending more time with people like you - non-civilians, entrepreneurs - I highly, highly encourage you to join or create a mastermind group.

There's a bunch of stuff to find with a search - read up a bit, contact people, and get yourself a small social support system.

Or, consider one of the perks of SFC Academy: your own community - a forum - shared with other students.

Not only do you get to discuss your learnings and get answers to your questions about the Sales for Nice People training, you also get to ask general questions.

You get to join a small community of hand-picked entrepreneurs and experts, all together in the 10-week training on ethical selling that starts in January, all in support of each other's learning and growth.

Either way, don't let an inadequate social context be the reason you and your business struggle:

Either get yourself a mastermind group, or join us in the Academy (details in the footer)



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