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You can create a lot of change - and generate a lot of sales - by asking the right questions... but it’s easy to ask the wrong ones instead.

If your sales aren’t going up, or if you’re constantly putting out fires, or you never have enough time or enough money, it’s tempting to throw up your hands in frustration and exclaim ‘why isn’t this working better?!’

But that question won’t help you nearly as much as asking “Why am I not working better?’

That’s not because you’re to blame, but because you are the only thing you can control.

Money, time, sales, prospects: none of those are under your direct control.

You can exert influence in those areas, but there are so many moving parts involved in it all, that you’ll never be able to control them.

But yourself, and your thoughts and actions and choices: that’s fully under your control - if you want it to be.

Sure it’s frustrating when results are lacking, but asking yourself why doesn’t help.

Instead, ask yourself questions like ‘what can I change in my decisions, behaviour, or performance, in order to make results more likely or quicker to show up?’

Suddenly, you go from being the one who suffers from getting bad results (i.e. the victim subjected to life’s unfairness), to being the agent responsible for creating change.

It’s being agile with questions like these that brings grit, productivity, proper decision-making, and ultimately: results and sales.

And it's the kind of question we deal with weekly, once you enroll in my Strategic Accountability Coaching programme.

This is in line with Dan Sullivan's 'Who, not how' question, where asking yourself "How do I do XYZ?", you ask yourself "Who would have zero trouble doing XYZ?"

Simply by asking a different question of yourself, you suddenly have a completely different vantage point on the issue, one that opens up all kinds of insights and possibilities, that you wouldn't get if you'd ask 'how?'.

So whatever challenge or obstacle you're facing, be very careful, precise and specific, with the questions you ask yourself.

Or, hire me for coaching and I'll ask the questions for you - get in touch if you'd like to talk about how it works.

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