📄 Are you underserving your people?

Of course selling ethically is an act of service, because helping people get to a decision is helpful.

But it goes further than that, because if someone has a painful costly problem, and you are eminently qualified to solve it for them...

Then not being able to connect with those people and enroll them in your solution, actually means you're underserving your audience.

Because unless you show up and have the conversations, they might be stuck with their problem.

Or, and that's maybe even worse, they might end up buying an inferior solution, or buy a solution from an unreliable provider.

This is why, when you stand for high quality solutions and service, it's incumbent on you to practice marketing, so that people are aware you exist and are enabled to raise their hand.

And, by the same token, it's your moral and ethical obligation, to have efficient, helpful, clarifying sales interactions, so that you can filter out those who aren't a good fit, and get to selling - and serving! - those people who truly need you, as soon as you can get to that stage with them.

Hiding behind "I just don't like selling" or "I don't want to be pushy" simply won't cut it.

Besides: if you're being helpful, people buy without you having to be pushy, and also: helping people get to clarity and a decision is actually a fun thing to do.

And I promise: Once you internalise the Sales for Nice People methodology, "selling" will be something completely different for you, far easier, and without any of the anxiety or awkwardness you might currently experience.

SFNP is available here, and I recommend you give it some consideration, if serving your people truly matters to you.

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