📄 Acquiring resources vs being resourceful

It’s tempting to gather resources.

Trainings, skills, education, adding powerful people to your network… videos, courses, workshops and retreats:

There’s a ton of things you can learn, install into your mind, add to your practice, acquire as a skill or add as a resource.

But nothing beats being resourceful.

Except of course, if you fall for the trap that marketers lay for us.

It’s the trap that says "Without this book (or training, retreat, course etc) your life isn’t complete and your business will fail!".

Those people prey on our built-in sense of scarcity, making us feel that we’re missing out - and so we buy more stuff, and our shelves fill up with more shelf-help.

But no matter how many resources you acquire, they won’t help if you don’t use them.

You can learn the art and science of Facebook ads, but if you never run an ad campaign, it won’t do you any good.

No, resources are not what you need.

Being resourceful, that’s where it’s at.

Being able to make do with what you have (which is all we do all day long anyway), to cobble together available resources, to test and iterate and improve.

Hoarding resources is satisfying on an emotional and intellectual level, but it doesn't drive growth.

What does drive growth, is getting the best result out of the situation we’re currently in, with the resources currently available to us.

That’s how our species survived and evolved:

Check the playing field, see which pieces are there to be moved, and get to experimenting on how best to move them.

By all means: read books, buy trainings, get smart, upgrade your skills - but never forget to apply the resources you already have - by being the most resourceful you that you can be.

And if you find yourself tempted to acquire resources, ask yourself first:

Have I leveraged, deployed, and applied all resources I currently have?

If the answer is no, ask:

Will spending time or money on this new resource give me more advantage than I can get by making what's already there work harder?

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