😭 Tired of chasing after buyers...?

🚀 Launching Jan. 2024: SalesFlow Coach Academy 🧑‍🎓

Tired of getting ghosted, tired of people complaining about the price, fed up, sick and tired, of all the slog that goes with the selling part of being in business...?

Then perhaps, the remedy offered on this page might be what you were looking for.

And no, that remedy won't be "Just do XYZ instead of selling" or "This automated system sells your stuff for you!", because if you're in business, selling is a fact of life, and you can't get rid of it.

But, you can learn how to make it easier, more natural, more human, and maybe even fun.

Read on if you want to know how...

Hi, I'm Martin Stellar.

I like to say that "I help nice people sell more", because I work with ethical entrepreneurs, and I help them sell more and earn more, and they never have to compromise their values.

In practice, that means I do coaching and consulting, but I also teach, and I've built a little free web app that combines education with coaching, with an optional paid tier available.

All this because good people tend to run good businesses - but sadly, good people often also struggle most to land buyers. Usually, it's because our values get in the way, and then we end up losing out to more aggressive or less scrupulous competitors.

This is why my business exists, and the app as well, and it's why I'm launching a new training programme:

SalesFlow Coach Academy, where ambitious business owners finally learn how to make selling easier and more effective.

Because once you understand why selling is actually the most helpful, most human thing we can do with others, everything changes:

Your buyers will stop ghosting you because they enjoy engaging with your sales process, you'll close more deals, and faster, and you'll be able to get paid more as well.

And to teach you how to make that happen, SFC Academy launches in January.

Here's what you get with an SFC Academy Membership:

  • Instant access to 12 months of your own personal coaching thread with Martin (Normally: $100/mo)
  • A 10-week cohort-based training on ethical selling (Sales for Nice People - normally $1500)
  • An private community of fellow students

The grand total: a 1-time payment of $1500.

An attractive proposition, I'm sure you'll agree, if you consider that you basically get more than 50% off if you enroll before January 1st.

Who is this Academy for?

Business owners who have a small team, maybe even sales people, but who are personally involved in the sales process.

What it will get you and do for you

➡ī¸ What if you could have always-on access to me, for your business and sales questions... would it help to have a sales coach in your pocket?

➡ī¸ What about your ability to enroll buyers, and have sales conversations they love and buy from - what would it mean if you improved your annual revenue by 10%? 20% 30?

➡ī¸ Could you see an intense, exercise & homework-filled 10-week training make a positive difference, in the number of people you sign on, and the amount of money you get paid?

➡ī¸ And what about a community, a cohort of fellow-students - to learn together, to practice and to share experiences, in our own private Academy Forum?

Because all that is what's in the tin, that's what you get when you enroll in SFC Academy before the end of the year:

🚀 12 months of SFC Personal,

🚀 10 weeks of Sales for Nice People training

🚀 Lifetime access to the Academy Forum

And, extra-free bonus: you get to spend the rest of your life with a massively upgraded ability to communicate with people in a way that makes them want to move forward with you.

Membership is by application - we'll have a short Zoom call to make sure we're right for each other and the community, and if so:

You sign up, you get instant access to your Personal coaching thread, and in January we start the training programme.

To schedule a call, send me an email and I'll reply with a booking link.

Need some help?

Send a message to Martin