📄 A word or two about empathy

In about an hour from now, I'll be on stage in Edinburgh a the monthly Tech Meetup - and, well, I'm bloody nervous.

But, that is of course a me-problem and I don't expect you to care.

What I do expect of you however, is to care about the outcomes and results that your buyers get.

Not that I have any doubt - if you read me, I'll readily assume that you're in business in order to make a difference and that you care about your people.

And in order to give a practical, applicable context to caring for your buyers, there's nothing better that you could do, than to deploy empathy.

Empathy - or: the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes - is what makes things work between people, in every possible way.

And in order to make that easier for you, I've put together a simple workflow and uploaded it to SalesFlow Coach, and it's now ready for you to learn from.

Have a look, and improve your sales game with The Empathy Edge, which will help you gather the buyer-intel you need in order to move your deals forward.

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