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What would you prefer: earn a dollar, or earn ten dimes?

Sounds like it's the same thing, but it isn't.

The common misconception in the mind of many business owners is that selling at a lower price point makes it easier to land clients.

But that’s the kind of sloppy thinking that makes for a tough business to run.

Think about it:

For every lead that you create, you have to spend resources:

Money, time, mental resources, and so on. There's a bunch of work and cost involved.

If you then try to create a client at a ticket price of $100, you have to do that work ten times, in order to get to $1000 in revenue.

And then you have to deliver your service - your coaching, training, consulting, whatever it is you do, ten times.

But what you can also do is try and land a client willing to pay you $1000 all at once.

Sure, that might be more complex than landing a $100-buyer, but it shouldn't be that much more difficult...

And it would certainly, drastically and dramatically, reduce the overall cost of getting to your $1000 target.

Because the ‘secret’ is that it usually takes about the same amount of work to land a $1000 client, as it is to land a $100 client.

Trying to win on price is a losing game: only one can be the cheapest, and you don't want that one to be you.

Never compete on price: instead, compete on value and the level of service you render, before, during, and after the sale.

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