๐Ÿ“„ 5 Core points you have to get right if you want your business to grow

Here is a quick tip - a high-level primer - on how to make growing your business easier.

It's based on the five P's, where first off, you have:

  1. The Problem that people are looking to get solved - what is that problem, specifically? And why would people want you to solve it? And why now? And how much will it cost them... if they don't solve the problem?

  2. Product: what product or service do you have that solves that problem? What does it do for people? What does it not do? What about your product do you need to communicate?

  3. Process: what is your best, most reliable and most predictable process, for finding the right people and getting in front of them?

  4. Who, specifically, are the right People for what you do? Because if you try to sell to the wrong ones, you're going to be churning a lot of time and wasting a lot of effort and resources. Therefore: Who are the people you should ignore? Also very useful: who are the people who could generate introductions for you?

And then once you have the conversation with the rightย people, once they know about you, once they are asking about your solution, you get the fifth P:

  1. What Promise do you make them?

What specific, measurable, beneficial outcome do they gain from your work?

Whenever you find that things aren't working the way you expect them to work, or you're not selling enough, or people balk at your prices, or your growth has stagnated:

You'll find the solution in reviewing and improving the answers to these 5 questions.

When something's off with either Problem, Product, Process, People or Promise, your business stops growing or suffers, or you lose clarity on what to do and where to turn.

Whenever that happens, take some time to answer the 5 questions in detail, and you'll very likely come up with insights or ideas on what you can change or improve.

And, if you want to talk through it with me, send me an email and let's set up a time for that.

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